Young woman claiming to be Madeleine McCann gets hate messages and online mockery

Julia Wendell, the 21-year-old Polish girl who surprised the world this weekend by posting that she could be Madeleine McCann asks through her social media for respect and to stop the mockery and hate messages that some users are sending her online.

While it is true that she is receiving thousands of messages of support from all over the world, it is also true that she has raised many suspicions and that there are also many ridicules and attacks that she is suffering on the internet.

At the moment, her social media following is of more than one hundred thousand followers, she continues to be a trending topic on Twitter since Sunday and her case has already been echoed in the media around the world.

For this reason, this Tuesday he has published a video on his profiles in which his spokesman sends the following message:

“To everyone interested in Julia’s search for answers, please understand we are in the middle of an investigation. This is a vulnerable woman seeking answers about her identity and her life,” the caption reads.

“Regardless of your opinions, she is a human being who deserves respect. When everything is done in the investigation in a few weeks, you can learn more, but more now, please respect this woman’s privacy.”


The McCanns agree to run a DNA check on Julia

This past weekend, Julia released an appeal requesting for distribution to the McCanns as she claims that the police do not take her seriously.

She launched this campaign while displaying certain proof that, in her opinion, raises the chance that Madeleine McCann genuinely exists.

He explains that his family is very secretive about his early years of life, that he has not found his birth certificate, that his alleged family does not want to undergo DNA tests, and that as a child she was abused by a German citizen who was once connected to Maddie’s disappearance in addition to the physical similarity that he has been demonstrating with numerous photographs.

On Monday, it became public knowledge that Kate and Gerry McCann had consented to match the DNA samples, despite their caution and lack of public statements. This is but one more lead among many that have been investigated in the 16 years since Madeleine vanished.

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