Why is Vinland Saga manga series’ illustrator and creator Makoto Yukimura taking a hiatus?

The upcoming chapters of Vinland Saga manga series might not be available for some time. Why? Well, the manga creator Makoto Yukimura shared an update with his fans announcing that he will be taking a break for an indefinite period of time. Read on to find out why.

Vinland Saga creator to take a break

Recently, Makoto Yukimura, who is the creator and illustrator of the popular manga series Vinland Saga, took to his Twitter handle and shared an update with his fans and followers. Announcing his break, he urged fans to not worry about his health. He shared that the reason behind his hiatus is the fact that he cannot seem draw ‘very well’.

As translated by Sportskeeda, his Twitter post read, “Today is the release date for Monthly Afternoon, but I’m sorry, Vinland Saga is taking a break… I’m sorry for worrying you when I take so many days off, but I’m perfectly healthy. I just can’t draw well. I can’t draw well… I’m sure I’ll get back on my feet.”

Vinland Saga (Image: IMDb)

It is not unusual among mangakas to face an artist block from time to time. After all, a lot of hard work, conceptualisation, and concentration on details goes into the storyline and illustrations.

Fans worried about Makoto Yukimura’s health

While manga lovers and enthusiasts will have to put a break on enjoying new content from Vinland Saga, Yukimura-san’s loyal fans were rather concerned about his health and urged him to take care.

They took to Twitter to express their concern and encourage the manga creator. One fan wrote, “@makotoyukimura No worries Sensei. Take your time, we will be with you no matter what.” Another user’s tweet read, “@makotoyukimura It’s alright Sensei we understand, don’t push yourself too hard, remember to find that joy in drawing that made you get this far and it’ll turn out the way you want it to be (red heart emoji and hug emoji)”. A third fan urged Yukimura-san to focus on the quality over quantity philosophy and ensured him that he understood that a lot of time goes behind the detailed illustrations. He also thanked him for his hard work.

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