Who is Fia Johansson: The psychic helping the alleged Madeleine McCann?

The Madeleine McCann case has been one of the most talked-about abductions in the world for years. After intense investigations and evidence that did not lead to a concrete suspect, the hope of seeing the little girl alive became smaller and smaller.

Now, 16 years after the girl went missing in the Algarve, Portugal, a young Polish woman has claimed to be Madeleine McCann. Julia Faustyna has been ignored by the authorities for a DNA test, but medium Fia Johansson has joined her fight and made this information known – what many people want to know is who this fortune teller is exactly.

Fia Johansson, the psychic who defends the identity of the Polish woman who claims to be Madeleine McCann

Fia Johansson is currently dedicated to defending Julia Faustyna and that her statements reach all parts of the world, but years ago this doctor, as she calls herself, has made multiple star appearances in media such as Forbes, Fox, CBS or The Wall Street Journal.

The Iranian puts all her efforts into finding answers for her clients who want to know more about their past or their family. So much so that she defines herself as a “practising medium, clinical hypnotherapist and holistic healer”, professions she has been practising for more than 25 years and which have led to her current involvement in the Madeleine McCann case.

Fia has helped Julia Faustyna find physical similarities that match those of the little girl who disappeared 16 years ago. Hair colour, birthmarks and a hereditary defect in the right eye are just some of the evidence that the Polish and Iranian women have presented for Faustyna’s DNA to be tested. In addition, the girl was also sexually abused as a child by the same man who is suspected of having abducted McCann.

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