Which of Madeleine McCann’s relatives have agreed to take a DNA test? All the graphic evidence in the ‘Madeleine case’

More than 15 years have now passed since the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, the British girl who disappeared in Portugal in 2007.

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Although her profile is still maintained as a missing person, police have considered her dead since 2020, but everything has taken a turn with the appearance of a Polish girl who claims to be Madeleine.

The story behind the girl claiming to be Madeleine McCann

The 21-year-old claims she is the girl and is so confident that she has asked to take a DNA test. Her testimony has gone viral on social media, with more than a million followers being gained on Instagram.

“I think I might be Madeleine. I need a DNA test. He also says he has wanted to speak to the authorities, but “police investigators in the UK and Poland are trying to ignore me. I will tell my story in publications here. Help me,” she said.

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Which of Madeleine’s relatives have agreed to take a DNA test?

Several media outlets have reported that Julia Faustyna, the 21-year-old Polish girl who claims to be Madeleine, has said she has been in contact with relatives of the missing girl and they have agreed to her taking a DNA test to see if she is telling the truth. However, it has not been revealed which relatives have agreed to the test.

All the graphic evidence that she is Madeleine McCann

Girl claims she’s Madeleine McCann via Instagram

  • Facial expressions: the girl has shared several images of Madeleine in 2007 and has compared them with some of her own as a child, comparing the shape of the eyes, ears, smile, cheeks…
  • The mark on the iris: “I have the mark on the same eye, but it’s faded”. This is one of the most striking signs, and with age it can fade, which is totally normal.
  • The similarities with Gerry and Kate McCann: She then went on to compare herself with the parents and, above all, when it comes to the smile, she makes it clear that there is a resemblance.
  • Moles: The same or similar positions of some of her freckles.
  • The dimple on the cheek: this can be seen when smiling, as they both dimple in the same place.
  • A freckle under the left eye: In addition to the rest of the moles scattered around, the freckle under the left eye is another striking feature.
  • Blonde hair: Both Madeleine and Julia are blonde, and as children they shared a very similar haircut.

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