Watch video: Hareem Shah and Sandal Khattak share a moment of love on camera

Hareem Shah, a popular TikTok personality from Pakistan, has recently generated a lot of buzz on social media. Unfortunately, Hareem has been upset because some of her private videos were shared on social media without her permission by acquaintances.

Hareem Shah has made a video statement in which she confirms that her friends Sandal Khattak and Ayesha Naz were responsible for sharing her private videos without her permission. In the video, Hareem expressed her dissatisfaction with her friends, with whom she used to spend time, share meals, and confide. She stated that their actions have made her feel betrayed.


However, a video has surfaced on social media that shows Hareem Shah expressing affection towards her friend Sandal Khattak. In the video, Hareem can be seen kissing Sandal on the lips and declaring her love for her. It is noteworthy that Hareem has accused Sandal Khattak of being responsible for leaking her private video.

If you are interested in watching the video of Hareem Shah expressing her affection towards her friend, Sandal Khattak, you can CLICK ON THE LINK

What are your thoughts on this situation? Do you believe that this is a deliberate attempt to boost Hareem’s fame or that her friends have conspired against her? Let us know in the comments section below. Thanks

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