Was cheating the cause of Aima Baig and Shahbaz Shigri breakup?

After her engagement to Shahbaz Shigri was broken off, singer Aima Baig recently made headlines. Many have been speculating about the breakup for a while, since since she removed pictures of herself with Shahbaz Shigri and remained largely silent throughout everything.

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Things have gotten nasty now that Aima Baig has been accused of some major crimes by a British model named Taloulah Mair. She speaks extensively about Aima and her status as “one of the most famous women in Pakistan” in her video.

According to Taloulah Mair, the Pakistani “filmmaker” Qes Ahmed, who resides in the UK, scammed her of 10,000 pounds and cheated on her with none other than Aima Baig when they were dating. Qes acknowledged dating “one of the most renowned women” in Pakistan when Taloulah accused him of bragging about cheating on her. He was referring to Aima. Qes will travel to Dubai, according to Taloulah, and remain with Aima there in a flat that Aima had purchased on her own. And all of this happened while she was engaged to Shahbaz Shigri.

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Taloulah also discussed Shahbaz Shigri and shared a screenshot of their discussion to show that it happened while Aima and Shahbaz were dating.

She also had a photograph of Aima and Qes speaking that she had snapped while they were together and Qes was visiting her home and spoke with Aima.

In reaction to Taloulah, Qes Ahmed published a narrative, but omitted any reference to Aima.

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