Ushna Shah breaks hearts during live show

Ushna Shah broke many hearts during a live show and the video is going viral.

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Ushna Shah came as a guest on the ARY Digital show “The Fourth Umpire“, hosted by superstars Fahad Mustafa and Faizan Sheikh. 

Fahad Mustafa revealed that Ushna Shah is getting married in 10 days.

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Faiza Sheikh, speaking as if he was heartbroken by the news of her marriage, said he had brought a ring for her. He acted like he got sad. 

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Faizan Sheikh told the band to stop playing music. He asked her to wear the ring he brought on her feet.

Ushna Shah took the ring and wore it on her right hand. The host asked her to return it as he has to return it to the producers.

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The ‘Balaa’ actor announced her engagement to golf player Hamza Amin by sharing a picture on the interactive platform in December last year.

On the professional front, her portrayal of Ayesha Basit Khan, the wife of protagonist Basit Salman Khan (Feroze Khan), in the superhit ARY Digital drama ‘Habs‘ was praised in particular.

The cast also featured Ayesha Omar, Dania Enwer, Janice Tessa, Saba Faisal, Hina Rizvi, Isra Ghazal, Javed Sheikh, Imran Aslam and others.

Aliya Makdoom wrote and Mushaddiq Malek directed the show.

Ushna Shah has cemented her name with her captivating performances in her serials. The actor can play the roles of both protagonist and antagonist to perfection.

She has starred in several superhit dramas with ‘Ab Kar Meri Rafugari‘, ‘Lashkara‘, ‘Balaa‘, ‘Cheekh‘, ‘Help Me Durdana‘, ‘Bewafa‘ and ‘Habs‘ being some of them. 


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