USD to PKR – Today Dollar Rate in Pakistan 03 October 2022

USD to PKR – Today Dollar Rate in Pakistan 03 October 2022 On Monday, the rupee strengthened further against the US dollar, with the greenback losing Rs1.45 in interbank trading.

The PKR was trading at Rs226.7 per dollar at 11:14 a.m., down Rs1.45. This is according to forex brokers. The currency increased by 0.77 percent from Friday’s closing price of Rs228.45.

The price of the US dollar today in the interbank market is Rs227.20, while the open market price ranges from Rs225 to Rs227.

DATE USD  USD (DOLLAR) pkr.static.40871d6727f4a82f689a7082c2bbae801  PKR (PAKISTAN RUPEES)
03, Nov 2022 1 USD 227  PKR

Currency Rate in Pakistan – As of 3 October 2022, the US Dollar was worth PKR 228.30, the Euro was worth PKR 222.30, the British Pound was worth PKR 253.50, the Saudi Riyal was worth PKR 60.20, the UAE Dirham was at PKR 61.40, and the Australian Dollar was worth PKR 148.07. Below are some more purchasing and selling rates.

USD to PKR Interbank Rates History 

USD U.S. Dollar USD 226.00 PKR 228.30 PKR
EUR Euro EUR 220.00 PKR 222.30 PKR
GBP British Pound GBP 251.00 PKR 253.50 PKR
AED UAE Dirham AED 60.80 PKR 61.40 PKR
SAR Saudi Riyal SAR 59.60 PKR 60.20 PKR
KWD Kuwaiti Dinar KWD 735.86 PKR 740.86 PKR
CAD Canadian Dollar CAD 165.88 PKR 167.23 PKR
AUD Australian Dollar AUD 146.82 PKR 148.07 PKR
OMR Omani Riyal OMR 592.46 PKR 596.96 PKR
JPY Japanese Yen JPY 1.20 PKR 1.25 PKR
MYR Malaysian Ringgit MYR 50.02 PKR 50.47 PKR
QAR Qatari Riyal QAR 63.61 PKR 64.11 PKR
BHD Bahrain Dinar BHD 606.65 PKR 611.15 PKR
THB Thai Bhat THB 6.20 PKR 6.30 PKR
CNY Chinese Yuan CNY 32.17 PKR 32.42 PKR
HKD Hong Kong Dollar HKD 29.06 PKR 29.41 PKR
DKK Danish Krone DKK 30.14 PKR 30.49 PKR
NZD New Zealand Dollar NZD 131.40 PKR 132.60 PKR
SGD Singapore Dollar SGD 158.98 PKR 160.28 PKR
NOK Norwegians Krone NOK 21.57 PKR 21.87 PKR
SEK Swedish Krona SEK 20.61 PKR 20.91 PKR
CHF Swiss Franc CHF 231.73 PKR 233.48 PKR
INR Indian Rupee INR 2.84 PKR 2.92 PKR

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