UK Defence Secretary: Prince Harry let down army colleagues by boasting about killing 25 Taliban fighters

It is fair to say that Prince Harry‘s memoir ‘Spare’ has not gone down too well with large members of the public. The Duke of Sussex made a series of revealing claims in the book, with several believing those claims might have been a cry for attention.

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He has also angered military members. That’s because, in ‘Spare’, Prince Harry alludes to killing 25 Taliban fighters in Afghanistan, with the Prince‘s boast not going down too well with members of the Armed Forces.

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In fact, the UK’s Defence Secretary Ben Wallace lambasted the Prince’s choices, as Harry has broken a long-running code in the Armed Forces to not discuss one’s kill count.

“I, frankly, think boasting about tallies or talking about tallies distorts the fact that the Army is a team game,” Wallace told LBC’s Nick Ferrari.

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“It’s a team enterprise. It’s not about who can shoot the most.

“If you start talking about who did what then you’re letting down all those other people, because you’re not a better person because you did and they didn’t.”

Ben Wallace reminds Prince Harry that the British Army is a team

Wallace, while refusing to outright claim Harry broke the unwritten code, did state that the prince perhaps had to reflect on the choices he has made.

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“Well, you’d have to ask Prince Harry about his choices,” Wallace continued.

“For an infanteer to go over the top, they are supported by hundreds of people behind them.

“Whether they are in headquarters in Britain, or in the Royal Logistic Corp who help them get there. It’s a team.

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“It’s not about who can shoot the most or who doesn’t shoot the most. This is my personal view.

“If you start talking about who did what, what you are actually doing is letting down all those other people.”

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