Toyota in Pakistan reduces prices for all corolla model cars.

Infosette (News) KARACHI: Indus Motor Company (IMC) (Toyota in Pakistan) on Monday reduced the car costs by Rs260,000-Rs1.140m citing rupee recovery against the dollar, following a significant price shock of Rs760,000 to Rs3.16 million in July.

IMC reduced the price of all Toyota Corolla models by Rs330,000-440,000, followed by Rs260,000-Rs310,000 for Yaris models, according to a circular sent to its dealers.

Toyota in Pakistan Toyota in Pakistan Prices for the Toyota Fortuner and Hilux Revo have been reduced by Rs910,000-Rs1.140m and Rs650,000-820,000, respectively.

Toyota Cars New Prices:


Corolla Car Model Updated Price:

1. Corolla 1.6 MT Rs. 4,569,000/-
2. Corolla At Rs. 4,789,000/-
3. Corolla Upspec Rs. 5,279,000/-
4. Corolla Atlis 18 CVT Rs. 5,269,000/-
5. Corolla Atlis 18 SR Rs.5,709,000/-
6. Corolla Atlis 18 SR (Black) Rs. 5,749,000/-

Yaris Car Model Updated Price:

1. Yaris MT 1.3 Rs. 3,539,000/-
2. Yaris CVT Rs. 3,769,000/-
3. Yaris ATIV MT Rs. 3,729,000/-
4. Yaris ATIV CVT Rs. 3,929,000/-
5. Yaris ATIV MT 1.5 Rs. 4,009,000/-
6. Yaris ATIV CVT 1.5 Rs. 4,259,000/-

Hilux Revo Car Model Updated Price:

1. Hilux Revo 2.8MT Rs. 9,169,000/-
2. Hilux Auto 2.8MT Rs. 9,609,000/-
3. Hilux V Auto Rs. 10,599,000/-
4. Hilux Revo Rocco Rs. 11,179,000/-

Toyota Car Model Updated Price:

1. Toyota Fortuner 2.7G Rs. 11,579,000/-
2. Toyota Fortuner 2.7V Rs. 13,259,000/-
3. Toyota Fortuner 2.8 (Sigma 4) Rs. 13,969,000/-
4. Toyota Fortuner Legender Rs. 14,699,000/-


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