iktok Live streaming restrict infosette.

TikTok will Restrict Livestreams to viewers aged 18 and up.

New Delhi: Chinese video-creation app TikTok is reportedly restricting live streams to viewers aged 18 and up to keep minors away from adult content.

According to TechCrunch, the new user setting is currently being tested with a small group of users.

During the testing period, select users can toggle the “mature themes” button to limit their live streaming to adults only.

If you enable it, the platform states that “only viewers 18 and up can see your LIVE.”

Once enabled, TikTok will notify the user that LIVE videos tagged 18+ will still be removed if they violate community guidelines.

TikTok recently announced that it was working on a system to identify and prevent teenagers from accessing certain types of content.

“We’ve heard directly from our creators that they sometimes want to reach only an older audience.” As an example, perhaps they’re creating a comedy with adult humor or providing kind of boring workplace tips that are only relevant to adults. “Or perhaps they’re discussing very difficult life experiences,” Tracy Elizabeth, TikTok’s US Head of Issue Policy, explained.

“We’re experimenting with ways to better empower creators to reach the intended audience for their specific content,” she added.

The new 18+ restriction setting for live streams, however, is not intended to promote adult content on the platform and will be closely monitored, according to the company.

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