This is how Prince Andrew’s ‘selfish’ behaviour is threatening King Charles III’s coronation

As the Royal Family’s key advisors focus on planning King Charles III‘s coronation and on dealing with the revelations coming out form Prince Harry, they have another problem to tackle too. They must work out what to do with Prince Andrew.

Prince Andrew’s public reputation may be in tatters, following the allegations against him, but he is also reportedly causing headaches within the Royal Family.

King Charles makes first public appearance since the release of Prince Harry’s memoir

It has been reported by The Sun that the Duke of York won’t be able to afford the upkeep on his Windsor mansion when his annual grant of 249,000 pounds is cut in the month of April.

He doesn’t want to move out, so this is a major problem and one royal insider even spoke of how this lingering issue could cause problems around the coronation.

Andrew‘s selfish behaviour threatens King Charles‘ reputation and even the coronation,” stated journalist Tom Bower.

“He thinks that he can brazen out the bad predicament he himself created.

“By issuing threats, he is playing with fire.


“The King’s best solution is to force Andrew out of the vast house, accept much more modest accommodation and persuade him that his bid for rehabilitation is pointless – and in the end will be self-destructive, not only for himself but also his two daughters.”

Will Prince Andrew move out of his Windsor mansion?

Eventually, he may have to leave the property, despite his desire to stay put.

He currently lives at the 31-bed Royal Lodge home in Windsor with Sarah Ferguson, even though the pair split in 1996, just 10 years after their marriage.

Ferguson has other properties where they could move to, having spent 5m pounds on a house in Mayfair in 2022.

For now, though, the issue of where they should stay is yet another unwelcome headache for the Royal Family’s advisors to solve.

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