The Power Show of PTI will be held in Lahore.

Earlier, PTI had planned to have a public event at Islamabad’s Parade Ground.

ISLAMABAD: PTI on Monday declared that its public rally would take place in Lahore on August 13 after former premier Imran Khan urged its supporters to demonstrate against the administration.

PTI had previously planned to gather people in Islamabad’s Parade Ground, and the Interior Ministry had also given its approval.

The TLP said earlier today that it planned to hold the Nazariya Pakistan March and Conference in Faizabad on August 13. The party said that interior minister Rana Sanaullah turned down its proposal to organise a demonstration at the Parade Ground.

Taking to Twitter, PTI made the announcement regarding its anticipated jalsa.

A significant Independence Day event will be held at the Hockey Stadium on the evening of August 13–14, according to the tweet.

The gathering also made notice of Khan’s attendance and planned remarks.

The Power Show

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan said during a press conference earlier today that Khan had announced he would stage a protest in Islamabad on August 13 during which he would give the government a one-month deadline to hold the general election.

The minister poked fun at Khan by advising him to first fire Chief Election Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja, in whose abilities he had “no trust.”

Sanaullah continued, “The PTI chairman should demand new elections when a new election commissioner is appointed.”

Every political party has the right to hold peaceful protests, and they are permitted to hold public rallies, according to the minister, who also stated that those who try to use the law against others will be dealt with harshly.

It should be mentioned that Khan was removed from his position as prime minister by a no-confidence vote in April, and ever since, he has been holding sizable demonstrations all across the nation.

The PTI chairman alleges a plot to depose his party was carried out by the US and the then-opposition. Both, though, refute the accusation.

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