The other three girls who claimed to be Madeleine McCann years before Julia Faustyna

More than 15 years have passed, but we all remember Madeleine McCann, the British girl who disappeared in Portugal in 2007. Over the years, there has been a lot of information about her possible whereabouts or who might have been responsible for her disappearance.

Several media outlets have reported that Julia Faustyna, the 21-year-old Polish girl who claims to be Madeleine McCann, has said that she has been in contact with relatives of the missing girl. These unnamed relatives have reportedly agreed to a DNA test to see if she is telling the truth.

All the visual ‘evidence’ that she is Madeleine McCann

  • Facial expressions: the girl has shared several images of Madeleine in 2007 and has compared them with some of her as a child, comparing the shape of the eyes, the ears, the smile, cheeks…
  • The mark on the iris: “I have a mark on the same eye, but it is faded”. This is one of the most striking signs, and with age it may have faded, which is totally normal.
  • The similarities with Gerry and Kate McCann: later she went on to compare herself with the parents and especially when it comes to the smile, she points out that there is a resemblance.
  • Moles: same or similar positions of some of her freckles.
  • The dimple on the cheek: this can be seen when smiling, since they both dimple in the same way.
  • A freckle under the left eye: the freckle under the left eye is another eye-catching feature.
  • Blonde hair: both Madeleine and Julia are blonde, and as children they shared a very similar haircut.

But before her, there are three girls who claimed to be Madeleine.

The ‘other’ Madeleines

Harriet Brooks: this one happened in 2017; she was a Manchester university student who claimed to have the same spot on her iris as Madeleine and the same mole on her right thigh as the little girl.

“Guys, I don’t usually believe in conspiracy theories, but I honestly believe I’m Madeleine McCann. I’m Madeleine McCann and I don’t know what to do with myself,” she wrote on Twitter at the time, although her case came to nothing, since at the time Madeleine would have been only 14 years old, while Harriet eventually confessed that it was just a joke.

Maddie: this happened when the TikTok era had already begun, when the user known as Maddie claimed to be the missing girl. Madeleine was supposed to be 18 years old at the time, three years younger than the TikTok user who also eventually admitted that it was a joke.

Embla Jauhojarvi: she was the most relevant of the three who claimed to be Madeleine. She lived in Rome, but claimed to be British and to be called Maria. The media began to report her case, as is happening now with Julia Faustyna.

The Sun was the first outlet to report on this case, showing the similarities between one and the other, just as Julia has done on her Instagram profile. Quickly the news jumped to the rest of the press and they began to talk about whether this could be true.

Embla’s father later came out to deny the news, saying that his daughter had Asperger’s syndrome and that she had run away from home months ago. In addition, her age did not fit as she was eight years older than Madelaine would have been at the time.

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