The Indian Supreme Court Has Ordered Nupur Sharma To Apologize For Setting the Country On Fire.

New Delhi: The top court in New Delhi said Friday that a ruling party spokeswoman whose remarks about Islam engulfed India in a diplomatic row and sparked massive protests should Apologize for “setting the country on fire.”


Last month, the Islamic world was enraged by Nupur Sharma’s incendiary comments during a TV debate, prompting nearly 20 countries to summon their Indian ambassadors for an explanation.

Rallies erupted across South Asia, with police killing two demonstrators in India, and two Muslim men were charged this week with the heinous murder of a Hindu tailor who had posted in support of Sharma on Facebook.

“She and her loose tongue have set the country on fire,” the Supreme Court of India said during a hearing on several criminal complaints filed against Sharma.

“This lady is solely responsible for what is going on in the country,” it continued. “She should apologize to the entire country.”

Sharma has been the subject of numerous police complaints filed against her by members of the public across India since her comments.

While the 37-year-whereabouts old’s are unknown, her lawyer was in court on Friday, requesting that the cases be consolidated in New Delhi, which was denied.

Sharma was once considered a rising star in the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), but her remarks forced the party into Damage Control.

The party quickly suspended the spokeswoman and issued a statement stating that it respected all religions.

Since assuming National power in 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s BJP has been accused of championing discriminatory policies Against Muslims.

According to critics, the government has also presided over a crackdown on free speech and rights activists.

This week, police arrested Muslim journalist Mohammed Zubair, a vocal critic of the government who helped bring Sharma’s remarks to light #NupurSharama

He was arrested on Monday and remains in custody for a four-year-old tweet about a Hindu god that police said sparked complaints from Hindu organizations.

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