Telecom Companies offer free call service in Flood-Hit areas

Telecom Companies offer free call service in Flood-Hit areas.

As a situation occurred in Punjab and Sindh flood affected various areas of Punjab and Sindh. In this context, Telecom Companies made a big decision and announces free call services in flood-hit areas.

(Infosette News) ISLAMABAD: According to ARY News on Saturday, Telecom companies announced free phone service in flood-affected areas on the orders of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

Details indicate that the telecom regulator has ordered the telecom operators to permit free calls in all Pakistani flood-affected areas.

Telecom Companies offer free call service in Flood-Hit areas

Cellular Mobile Operators will offer free phone calls (On-net/same network) to all of their subscribers in flood-affected areas with Zero balance, according to a statement posted on Twitter by the PTA.

The telecom regulator recognised the efforts of cellular mobile providers in giving telecom customers prompt relief in trying times.

Customers with no balance can still make on-net calls, it continued. “There will be no call setup fees applied on call connection.”

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The authority also stated that it was still keeping an eye on the impacted areas’ communication links to ensure connectivity and deliver information.

It is important to note that recent strong monsoon rains and ensuing floods in Pakistan resulted in about 945 fatalities and 1,350 injuries.

The numbers were presented by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) at a hearing of the National Assembly’s standing committee on climate change.

The participants received an update on the flood situation in Pakistan from NDMA officials.

During the conference, it was disclosed that torrential rains and flooding had resulted in about 945 fatalities and 1356 injuries.

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