Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin divorced after 25 years of marriage.

Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin divorced after 25 years of marriage. In paperwork obtained by “Extra,” Flavin filed for divorce in Florida on Friday, saying the marriage “irretrievably ruined.” She wants to keep their Palm Beach home, at least during the divorce process.

She also accuses Sly, who is said to be worth $400 million, of concealing or shifting marital assets. There is no mention of a prenuptial agreement.

Flavin alleges in the documents, “According to information and belief, the Husband participated in intentional dissipation, depletion, and/or waste of marital assets, resulting in a negative economic impact on the marital estate. According to Florida Statutes Section 61.075, equity requires that the Wife be paid and made whole by receiving an unequal distribution of marital assets in her favour. Furthermore, the Husband should be barred from selling, transferring, assigning, encumbering, or dissipating any assets while the proceedings are pending.”

Jennifer requests that Sly not be permitted to relocate joint assets. She also wishes to have her name legally changed back to Flavin.


Sly and Jennifer recently ignited divorce rumours after he had an image of Jennifer replaced with a puppy on his right shoulder. Jennifer also shared a photo of herself with their three daughters, captioning it, “These girls are my focus.” Nothing else is important. “Forever the four of us.”

Sly’s agent, on the other hand, said that the tattoo news was misconstrued, telling, “Mr. Stallone intended to update the tattoo image of his wife Jennifer, but the results were unsatisfactory and, sadly, unfixable.” As a result, he was forced to conceal the original image with a tattoo of his Rocky dog, Butkus.”

“Mr. Stallone loves his family,” the statement continued. The Stallones are currently filming a reality show together for Paramount+.”

Stallone paid tribute to Flavin on Instagram for their 25th anniversary in May.
According to the actor, “Happy 25th anniversary to my wonderful wife. There aren’t enough words to express how much this wonderfully unselfish, dedicated, patient woman has meant to our lives, and I just want they could be 25 years longer! Thank you very much, darling!”

The Stallones appeared on Sophia and Sistine’s “Unwaxed” podcast earlier this year. In the episode “Stallone Family Therapy.” Now the interview is eerily ironic.

Sophia stated that her parents are “polar opposites” but “truly cannot live without each other.”

Jennifer responded when asked what they do for one other, “I keep him incredibly organised… so from the moment we get up to getting him coffee… I go over your schedule, you crack a few jokes, and I laugh; this is what keeps us going.” “He’s the funniest man I’ve ever met,” she continued.

Stallone joked, “”I simply irritate the crap out of her,” he says before continuing, “but I think she’s terrific, an amazing woman.” That is something I tell her on a daily basis. I’m not sure how she keeps it together. She’s incredible, but she’s a touch crazy… and by crazy, I mean ‘good crazy.'”

Jennifer responded, “We just don’t take it too seriously,” when asked how they kept their relationship “fresh and exciting.”

Stallone, 76, married Flavin, 54, in 1997. They have three children: Sophia, 25, Sistine, 24, and Scarlet, 20.


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