Social media reacts to Queen Elizabeth’s relationship with Princess Diana

Princess Diana’s fans take to the Social Media response to Queen Elizabeth’s death.

Social media users take over Twitter to debate Queen Elizabeth’s connection with the people’s princess, Diana, throughout their time on Earth.
While some paid respect and expressed their grief, supporters of Diana, the former Princess of Wales, took to Twitter to recall some prior discussions between the monarch and her then-daughter-in-law.

“Y’all keep claiming when Princess Diana sees the Queen, they’re not in the same spot baby,” one started. “Note that down.”

“That vile [expletive] is currently playing blazing double dutch with Satan, and she’s HANDLED.” He’s been DYING to see her.” (sic)

Others alluded to her ‘aversion’ to Princess Diana’s work with AIDS assistance and cited her remarks, adding, “During the 1980s, the queen tried to stop Princess Diana’s work in HIV campaigning, encouraging her to do something’more pleasant.'”

“However, Diana disregarded her, instead utilising her platform to combat stigma and soothe fearful people suffering from what was then a deadly illness.”

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