Shahbaz Gill is transfers From Adiala jail to Islamabad Police

After being turned over to Islamabad Police by jail officials, Gill is being transferred to PIMS for a medical checkup.

RAWALPINDI : Adiala jail authorities handed over PTI leader Shahbaz Gill custody to Islamabad Police on Wednesday

The judgment came after an hours-long standoff between police in Islamabad and Rawalpindi over Gill’s custody outside the jail.

Punjab Police officers returned from the jail, and plans were being made to relocate Gill from Adiala to the federal capital. It was also claimed that Gill would be transported to PIMS for a medical check-up first.

The PTI leader was taken into prison by Islamabad Police in accordance with court instructions.

According to sources, a document marked ‘Emergency Shifting’ — which infosette News obtained — claimed that after Gill’s check-up, physicians at the Adiala jail and appropriate authorities were asked to transfer the PTI leader to DHQ Hospital Rawalpindi.

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HRCP is concerned about Gill.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has also voiced concern over the court’s decision to send Gill to physical detention.

“Any complaints that he was abused while on remand should likewise be fairly and transparently investigated,” the commission said on Twitter.

Fawad Chaudhry informs workers

In response to Gill’s surrender to Islamabad Police, former communication minister Fawad Chaudhry stated that obtaining a certificate from the board of their choice is against the law. He referred to the events surrounding Gill’s detention as “abduction.”

“Pakistan is currently confronting the worst fascism, workers should be prepared for all kinds of events,” Chaudhry posted on Twitter.

The PTI, on the other hand, published a video of Gill being transported to PIMS in an ambulance while wearing an oxygen mask on its official Twitter account.

“Pakistan is experiencing the worst sort of fascism,” stated the video’s caption.

The conflict between Islamabad and the Punjab police

Earlier, Islamabad and Punjab police clashed over Gill’s physical remand following a medical examination.

Both the Rawalpindi Police, an elite force, and the Islamabad Police, with additional men, were present outside Adiala Jail to claim Gill’s custody.

Rawalpindi police were adamant that Gill be transferred to the District Headquarters Hospital (DHQ) in Rawalpindi.

Jail officials have stated that an Adiala Jail prisoner will be examined in DHQ.

“According to the legislation, Islamabad’s medical team cannot conduct check-ups on an Adiala jail prisoner,” jail officials explained.

A senior superintendent of police (SSP) from Islamabad, accompanied by a deputy superintendent of police, two station house officials, and police personnel, met with Adiala Jail authorities to discuss the situation.

“Failure to hand over the accused would be a violation of court orders and the law,” the officer warned jail officials.

The Islamabad Police Department also denied charges of abuse against Gill during his physical remand. According to police, the accused did not mention being tortured during his court appearance.

Gill underwent a thorough medical examination, and no symptoms of torture were discovered, according to Islamabad Police, who also stated that his medical papers were properly reviewed by the court and respected judges.

Gill is having difficulty breathing, according to jail medical personnel. Authorities have been instructed to transport him to the hospital in the event of an emergency.

Meanwhile, sources said Khan had directed Gill to manufacture an emergency situation in order for him to be moved to the hospital.

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