Section 144 has been implemented in Karachi, due to heavy rain.


Following Potential Risk, the Decision was made to Protect Civilians.

(Infosette New) KARACHI: Section 144 (6) of the Code of Criminal Procedure has been applied in the Karachi division from July 25 to 31 to maintain public safety.

Following the ongoing heavy rainfall and high tides in the sea inside the city’s torrential boundary, action has been taken to prevent civilians from swimming, diving, bathing, and boating in the sea, according to a notification issued by the Office of the Commissioner Karachi on Monday.

The public is prohibited from partaking in the aforementioned activities, as they may endanger lives and increase the risk of drowning. As a result, suitable steps are put in place to avoid such instances from occurring inside the Karachi Division.

“The Deputy Commissioners and Assistant Commissioners of Karachi Division are hereby authorised to take action against the offenders in cooperation with the concerned Senior Superintendents of Police and get the violators charged under Section 188 PPC in writing in the respective Police Stations for the violation of Section 144 Cr. P.C,” the notification said.

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