A Mexican App recently introduced to reach out after death

Mexican App

Messages and final wishes can be stored on a Mexican app and shared with loved ones when a person passes away.

In MEXICO CITY A Mexican software that stores messages and final wishes for users to communicate with loved ones after their death has been released, offering a friendly voice from beyond the grave.

According to Miguel Farrell, the founder of Past Post, “Mexicans laugh at death, but it’s hard for them to talk about it.”

In his words to AFP, the software “allows you to leave your stuff in order for this moment that will happen when you least expect it.”

For the annual Day of the Dead festival, Mexicans are happy to receive a sugar skull bearing their name, but they are frequently uncomfortable discussing the subject, particularly inheritance.

For instance, a parent in good health can use the app to record congratulations for his children to hear when they graduate, just in case he passes away in the interim.

Users can give instructions regarding things like funeral choices or directions for managing their social media and bank accounts.

The material is stored by Past Post as a non-fungible token (NFT), a digital certificate of ownership that makes use of blockchain technology that powers digital currencies like Bitcoin.

According to the Mexico City notaries organisation, the vast majority of Mexicans do not have wills, which is something that the app’s designer says cannot be replaced by the $19 annual fee.

The information “has no legal validity, but it has a very significant symbolic value,” according to Farrell.