Royal Family are asked to respond to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle “crusade”

Meghan Markle’s continuous melodrama and turmoil crusade is being chastised for threatening the Royal Family. It has been claimed that Meghan Markle’s “continuous melodrama and disorder” endangers the Royal Family’s “very existence.”

Meghan Mccain, a royal analyst, and author made this assertion in her most recent article for the Daily Mail.

“Remember, Harry has a tell-all book coming out to promote,” she added, referring to Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir. But I have a word of caution for them. “Public opinion is shifting.”

“There was a time when even the tiniest criticism of Harry and Meghan got you labeled a bigot and possibly got you fired – just ask Piers Morgan or Sharon Osbourne.”

“Nowadays, criticism of Harry and Meghan is more prevalent and does not elicit the same kind of media outrage it formerly did.” It appears to be an uphill climb.”

“One of the most pressing questions currently is whether the royal family can withstand the theatrics and turbulence of the Harry and Meghan era?” It appears to be an uphill climb.”

“I do know this: If Harry and Meghan feel any outrageous slight, or even if their financial account runs dry, they will resume their holy campaign against the Royal family,” she added.


“Despite her hand-wringing over reconciliation, Oprah will welcome them back on her show to spew even more venomous claims – with no opposition.”

“The leftist media stars of America will gladly welcome them back into the fold to tell us all how dreadful British (and American) culture is.”

“This is the truth. And if King Charles and Prince William want to stand a chance, they must begin fighting back.”

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