Royal Family animosity with Meghan already resumed

It has been claimed that Meghan Markle has already “resumed” hostilities with the Royal Family.

Due to the fact that “it’s all about Meghan Markle,” Meghan Markle is said to have renewed her “hostilities” with the Royal Family.

In an interview with Page Six, royal author Tom Bower made this assertion.

He began by emphasising how Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and the rest of the Firm’s members have “resumed hostilities.”

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Even more was revealed when he was cited as saying, “It was all about, and we’re back now on pace to create Brand Meghan and the book, the Netflix series, and the podcast.”

“Everything is a commodity. And to their advantage, they were recorded every day they were in the public glare for at least seven days throughout the funeral.

In light of the fact that “they were shuffled off to a window upstairs and rarely seen [during the Platinum Jubilee],” in particular.

She just truly has one passion, which is Meghan, and she thinks it’s great that the Royal Family is suffering as a result.


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