Raftaar's ex-wife,

Rapper Raftaar and his wife Komal Vohra finalize their Divorce they have been apart for six years.

The sister of TV actors Karan and Kunal Vohra is rapper Raftaar’s ex-wife, Komal Vohra. See here for a timeline of their relationship.
After six years of marriage, rapper Raftaar and interior designer Komal Vohra, who got married in 2016, have divorced. For a while now, the couple had been living apart. The pair reportedly filed for divorce in 2020, but it was postponed because of the pandemic. Hindustan Times writes that Komal confirmed the life update but made no more comments. Fans of the rapper who were ignorant of his personal life were shocked by the news.
a source for Hindustan Times asserted, “Only a few days after the couple’s marriage did troubles start to arise. The couple, along with their families, remains friendly despite the fact that each has gone on in their different lives.”
However, Raftaar aka Dilin Nairs has not provided any confirmation.
Komal Vohra is the sister of television actors Karan and Kunal Vohra, for the uninitiated. After meeting in 2011, the couple experienced “love at first sight.” After five years of dating, they decided to take their love to the next level by getting married. Only their closest friends and relatives were present for their small wedding. Raftaar had written, “Married to my soulmate,” along with photos from his wedding day when he was hitched to Komal. On social media, the pair no longer follows one another, and they have erased their photos.

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