Rakhi Sawant Marriage dispute – Adil durrani family affirm marriage with Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant marriage with Adil Durrani becomes viral in previous days. Both couples have been viral on social media for a long time. The marriage was not confirmed between the two couples, but today Adil Darrani’s family has officially confirmed the marriage.

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In the words of Adil Durrani, “he merely had to handle a few things therefore he had to stay silent.”

Rakhi Sawant became the newest talk of the town when she posted photos of her wedding to Adil Durrani; the latter’s husband apparently rejected the marriage rumours.

Adil addressed the misunderstanding in a post on Instagram.

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He added in a letter confirming the union: “So here’s an announcement finally, I never said I am not married to you Rakhi. Only a few issues were to be resolved, so Rakhi (pappudi) and I had to live a tranquil, contented marriage.

Earlier, Rakhi released images from a little wedding ceremony where she can be seen clad in a traditional gharara and Adil is dressed casually. In the photos, Adil could be seen announcing his marriage to Rakhi.

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News that Durrani had rejected revealing that he was wed to Sawant surfaced after the images went viral.

Sawant can be seen being photographed by Monalisa in a recently released video. She is heard stating, “Usne shaadi ki hai mere se,” in reference to the phrase “Mera pati manne ko tayyar hi nahi hain.”

The misunderstanding is now resolved. IndiaToday reported that Adil Durrani has finally spoken out and acknowledged Rakhi Sawant as his wife.

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