raju srivastava died at the age of 58, after being on a ventilator for several weeks.

raju srivastava, a comedian, died of a heart attack on August 10. On September 21, the comedian died while on ventilator support at AIIMS Delhi.

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  • comedian Raju Srivastava passed away on September 21.
  • He suffered a heart attack while working out on August 10.
  • He was age is 58.

raju srivastava died on August 10 after suffering a heart attack while working out at the gym. After a long battle, the comedian died today, September 21. Raju Srivastava’s wife, son, and daughter are currently undergoing treatment at AIIMS. On Thursday, September 22, he will be cremated in Delhi.

Since August 10, Raju Srivastava has been unconscious and under observation at AIIMS, Delhi, due to significant brain damage sustained following the cardiac arrest. The comedian’s wife, Shikha Srivastava, had spoken with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, who had assured her of their complete support in getting better. On the treadmill, Raju was exercising when he suddenly passed out from chest pain. His trainer transported him to AIIMS Delhi, where his heart was twice revived using CPR.

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raju srivastava family members are currently at AIIMS: his wife Shikha, son Ayushman, and daughter Antara. The family has decided to have the cremation in Delhi. Raju will be cremated in the morning of September 22nd. Previously, they considered taking Raju to Mumbai or Kanpur.

Raju’s brother-in-law confirmed the funeral will take place in Delhi. In an interview with IndiaToday.in, he stated, “His blood pressure dropped in the morning, and he was given CPR. He initially responded, but then collapsed. The ventilator was supposed to be removed within two to three days. Medicine dosages had also been reduced.”

“The funeral will be held in Delhi,” he added.

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Ashok Mishra, a stand-up comedian, has known Raju Srivastava for 30 years. He even shared a flat in Malad, Mumbai, with him. As Raju Srivastava breathed his last today, his friend Ashok Mishra shares stories from our beloved Gajodhar Bhaiya’s early days in Mumbai.

Ashok describes how Raju resided with an actress who had portrayed a nurse in motion pictures in Mumbai’s Sion neighbourhood. “He then spent Rs. 1.5 lakh on a Malad apartment. I was asked to remain with him. We once shared a sheet as we slept. Like a big brother, Raju promised to support me in any way he could. It was a stroke of luck for me to work with such a gifted artist. He was the reason why I finally had a place to stay and food to eat in Mumbai “Says he.


In addition to significant brain damage, Raju Srivastava experienced a heart arrest. He was on a ventilator and in a critical state. The Cardiology and Emergency Department experts from AIIMS, under the direction of Dr. Nitish Nyay, were caring for him. Srivastava had a heart collapse at the gym, according to officials at AIIMS, and was taken to the hospital by his trainer. To revive his heart, the comic had CPR twice.

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Popular comedian Raju Srivastava has been in a number of comedic productions. Srivastava participated in shows including Comedy Circus, The Kapil Sharma Show, Shaktimaan, and The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. The comedian also appeared in several Bollywood movies, including Maine Pyaar Kiya, Tezaab, and Baazigar. As a recent special guest on India’s Laughter Champion, he was visible.

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