Queen’s burial case; Meghan Markle in difficult condition

While visiting the UK, Meghan Markle is reportedly dealing with “difficult” circumstances.

Kate Middleton and Prince William were seen with her in photographs.

Meghan received criticism for holding hands during the queen’s time of grief.

Despite repeatedly criticising the royal family in recent years, Meghan Markle is reportedly in a “difficult” scenario while in the UK as she mingles with them prior to the Queen’s funeral.

The Duchess of Sussex was praised by royal expert Sylvia Jeffreys for choosing to stay in the UK following the queen’s death and for later dating Prince William and Kate Middleton, whom she is reported to be a difference with.

On Today Extra, the host of an Australian morning show stated, “I can’t help but believe it would have been a terribly frightening setting for Harry and Meghan, or at least daunting.”

After that, she continued, “I am starting to feel sick about the hostility between Harry and Meghan this time.”

In addition, Jeffreys brought up the criticism Prince Harry and Meghan have had for holding hands in the presence of a deceased monarch while expressing their respects.

“Harry, whose anguish as a youngster was owned by others, is history repeating itself in so many ways,” she remarked.

He is receiving criticism for grieving in a way that some people find offensive since it has been owned once more.

The historical perspective on all of this and the narrative that surrounds it will be quite interesting to observe.

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