Queen Consort Camilla chooses Princess Diana’s designer for coronation gown

King Charles III’s coronation will not only be about him, it will also feature Queen Consort Camilla being crowned with her title. She obviously wants to go all out with her gown and other possible accesories she can wear during the major event. In order to do that, Queen Consort Camilla just made a controversial decision that will get her criticized for sure by Princess Diana’s fans. Despite she passed away in the early ’90s, King Charles III’s ex-wife still has millions of followers around the world who remember her with love. In the constant effort to pit her against Queen Consort Camilla, they do what they can to discredit the king’s wife.

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What Queen Consort Camilla just did won’t draw any great feelings toward all of Princess Diana’s followers. She decided to hire the late princess’ favorite fashion designer to make her coronation gown. His name is Bruce Oldfield and he designed some of Diana’s most famous gowns. The Sun reports that was the obvious choice for Queen Camilla to pick from at the coronation. Oldfield has developed a great relationship with Queen Consort Camilla for years and he was always her first chouice for the job despite the caused controversy.

Oldfield hasn’t commented on Queen Consort Camilla’s choice

The designer still has to talk about this in public but one source that spoke to the folks at The Sun, said this: “Camilla has a very close friendship with Bruce spanning many years so in many ways it is the natural and obvious choice. Camilla trusts Bruce because he has really delivered on dresses for so many important occasions recently for her.” Camilla will be crowned alongside King Charles III’s coronation at Westminster Abbey on May 6. She is the first royal consort crowned in alsmot a century since King George VI and Queen Elizabeth took the throne in 1937.

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