The Queen is aware that Prince Harry is “especially distraught” about her passing: Psychic

Prince Harry was not present when Queen Elizabeth II passed away at Balmoral Castle.

Prince Harry’s no attendance on Queen Elizabeth II’s deathbed was a sign that she would find it difficult to depart.

The former monarch is content with how she died, according to psychic medium Jasmine Rose Anderson, who claims to have communicated with the Queen’s ghost.

Ms Anderson said to Daily Star that William and Harry were aware that Her Majesty was in danger of passing away.

I think they were aware. I thought people simply knew without being informed.

I don’t think Harry regrets doing this. I believe it was simply how things transpired on that particular day, and I am relieved. “I think he would have found it difficult to be with her when she went away, and I feel like he’s particularly broken over her passing,” Jasmine replied.

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In other instances—I’ve seen this both in the nursing community and as a medium—people wait until their child or grandchild has left the room to pass, and it’s sometimes because they know that person won’t be able to deal with it at that time, she added.

“Sometimes they remain here because of us. Additionally, we frequently read about persons who simply held on until help arrived before passing away.

We frequently hear stories of persons who simply held on until help arrived before passing away. He wasn’t there, which created the ideal circumstances for her to proceed as she needed to “The psychic came to a conclusion.

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