Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan | Cast & Characters

Ask Laftan Anlamaz (Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan) is a Turkish romantic comedy drama television series. And you all know how much I enjoy rom-coms. I’ve already written reviews for three other Turkish rom-coms.

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Relationship Status (Ayeshagul): Complicated Aysegul is the best heroine in all of rom-coms. However, the story drags.

Tera Mera Pyar: A very cute couple with very witty lines. I adore Ayse and Kerim.

Pyar’s Emergency: It’s not really a rom-com. There’s very little romance and even less comedy, and the two aren’t even related. Only Abidin provides comic relief because the heroine is annoying. Only four episodes remain before I am free of this burden.

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I started by watching a few clips of Hayat and Murat’s best and most romantic scenes. It was enough to pique my interest in this drama.

Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals, let’s get to know the cast and characters.

Uzun (The Bride’s Side)

Hande Erçel as Hayat Uzun (And, later Hayat Sarsılmaz )

The protagonist. She starts out as Murat’s assistant’s assistant before becoming his love interest and wife.

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The heroine. She begins as Murat’s assistant’s assistant before becoming his love interest and wife.

Merve Çağıran as İpek

The rebel friend. Kerem’s girlfriend.

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Özcan Tekdemir as Aslı

The sensible friend, a nurse by profession. Cheeky and quirky. Doruk’s love interest, although it is confusing a bit.


Sultan Köroğlu Kiliç as Emine Uzun

Hayat’s mother’s name. She has a fiery temper but is always loyal to Hashmet.

Evren Duyal as Fadik

Hayat’s aunt.

Metin Akpınar as Haşmet Uzun

Hayat’s grandfather. He is later engaged to Azime.

Bülent Emrah Parlak as Cemil Uzun / Jamil

Hayat’s brother and Tuval’s boyfriend.

Sirsilmaz (The Groom’s Side)

Burak Deniz as Murat Sarsılmaz / Murad

The hero. Our dude has anger issues. But he’s so handsome, looks more gorgeous when he’s angry. Sarte’s head, Hayat’s boyfriend and later husband.


Nazan Diper as Azime Sarsılmaz

Murat’s Grandmother. Once in love with Hashmet. She also has her fair share of secrets.

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Cem Emüler as Necat Sarsılmaz / Nejat

Murat’s Father. He heads Sarte before leaving it to Murat.

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Murat’s Mother, dead. But there is a twist!

Betül Çobanoğlu as Derya Sarsılmaz,

Murat’s stepmother & Doruk’s Mother

Oğuzhan Karbi as Doruk Sarsılmaz

Murat’s half-brother & Asli’s love interest. Despite being step sibling, the brothers truly love each other.


Demet Gül as Tuval Yanıkoğlu

Tuval is Sarte’s head designer. She’s smart, self-praising but very kind. The most important and fun character in this drama.


Süleyman Felek as Kerem

Murat’s friend and driver, later marries Ipek.

Tuğçe Karabacak as Didem

She is self obsessed model who imagines Murat as her boyfriend. She even lies about being pregnant with Murat’s child just so Murat would marry her.

Elif Doğan as Suna Pektas

The girl who’s extremely qualified and does not want to work at Sarte. Hayat assumes her identity to get a job.


Birand Tunca as Emre Azatoğlu

One of the designers who turns rival and later becomes a partner. All he wants is Hayat, and to destroy Sarte.


Gözde Kocaoğlu Yağmur as Çagla

Murat’s assistant. She likes repeating stuff.


Leyla’s nurse

Oğuz Okul as Kamal Pektas

Suna’s father

Metehan Kuru as Gökçe

Let’s begin the episode reviews. I will add more names as the story progresses.

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