PTI Leader Ali Zaidi

PTI will petition the SHC to stop the delay of Sindh’s LG elections.

According to PTI Leader Ali Zaidi, the ECP was already divisive but has now become even more so.

Infosette (News): Ali Zaidi, the leader of the PTI and a former federal minister for maritime affairs, has declared that his party will petition the Sindh High Court to stop the province’s second round of local government elections from taking place as scheduled.

The second round of the Sindh LG elections and the NA 245 by-election were previously postponed by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) a day earlier.

The second phase of the local body elections will be postponed at the request of the Sindh chief secretary due to the anticipated new spell of rain in Sindh, according to a press release from the ECP. The meeting was presided over by Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Sikander Sultan Raja.

PTI Leader Ali Zaidi

The Sindh LG elections’ second round will now take place on August 28.

Zaidi criticised the ECP for delaying the provincial local body elections while speaking to a crowd in Hyderabad.

The ECP was already divisive, but it’s now even more so, he claimed.

Imran Ismail, a former governor of Sindh, stated that the cancellation of the NA-245 local body elections and by-elections is “a sign of the defeat of PPP and MQM.”

In the meantime, PTI’s Khurrum Sher Zaman demanded the resignation of the election commissioner while speaking at a press conference in Karachi, claiming that the ECP “failed” to conduct transparent elections.

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