PTI filed petition in IHC against selective acceptance of NA Resignations.

PTI filed petition in IHC against selective acceptance of NA Resignations.

According to PTI, all of their National Assembly members’ resignations should be accepted at once.

ISLAMABAD: PTI on Monday petitioned the Islamabad High Court (IHC) to reject the acceptance of 11 resignations from its members of the National Assembly (MNAs), criticising the “pick and choose” approach taken in this case.

11 PTI MNAs, including Ali Muhammad, Fazal Muhammad Khan, Shaukat Ali, Fakhar Zaman Khan, Farrukh Habib, Ijaz Ahmad Shah, Jameel Ahmed, Muhammad Akram, Abdul Shakoor, Shireen Mazari, and Shandana Gulzar, were denotified by the Pakistani Election Commission on Friday.

By using the authority granted by Clause (1) of Article 64 of the Pakistani Constitution, NA Speaker Raja Pervaiz Ashraf accepted the resignations on Thursday.

PTI in IHC Court

After former prime minister Imran Khan was ousted in April by a no-trust vote, these members submitted their resignations from their National Assembly seats.

Asad Umar, the secretary general of the PTI, submitted the petition to the IHC today.

Outside of court, Umar told the media that the PTI had complained to the IHC about the ECP’s decision to accept the resignations of 11 assembly members.

“Every single PTI member resigned in front of the entire nation. It is best to accept every resignation at once, he said.

The PTI leader once more criticised the ECP, saying that it had turned into a “political player” and an extension of the PDM.

He further stated that the PTI would bring legal action against the ECP.

According to Umar PTI resigned from the assembly because,the decision to accept the resignations was unlawful and they did not want to be a part of the alleged US-backed “conspiracy.”

He continued, “ECP accepted the resignations of their own choice.”

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