PTI Candidate Shabbir Awan

PTI candidate’s plea for vote recounting removed by RO in PP-7 Rawalpindi.

PML-N candidate Raja Sagheer emerged victorious from the constituency by a thin margin of 49 votes in the July 17 by-polls against PTI Candidate Shabbir Awan.

Infosette (News): It was revealed on Wednesday that the returning officer (RO) of the constituency had rejected PTI candidate Shabbir Awan’s request for a recount of votes in Rawalpindi’s PP-7.

It is important to note that Raja Sagheer Ahmed, a candidate for the PML-N, won the district’s by-election on July 17 by a slim margin of 49 votes.

According to the unofficial results for PP-7, Ahmed of the PML-N won the seat with 68,906 votes, while Awan of the PTI received 68,857 votes.

The PTI candidate decided to contest the results and submitted an application for a recount of votes in the constituency after losing by a razor-thin margin.

Sources claim that the RO stated in a reserved decision that all poll workers were present when the results were announced and that there would be no vote recount.

According to the sources’ additional citation of the RO, the PTI candidate was unable to present any convincing arguments that would have justified a vote recount in the constituency.

“Therefore, PTI’s plea was rejected for a lack of evidence. According to the sources, a verdict stated that only invalid votes would be checked again.

PTI prevailed in at least 15 of the 20 constituencies during the July 17 by-elections in Punjab, while PML-N only won four. A third seat was won by an independent candidate.

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