Princess Diana and King Charles had pretty much an arranged marriage according to friend of Lady Di

Close friend of the late royal, Jemima Khan, 49, has said that King Charles and Princess Diana‘s marriage was ‘pretty much arranged’.

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The documentary-maker appeared on Lorraine to talk about her film directorial debut with new movie, ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It?’.

The movie was inspired by her own marriage to Pakistan’s former Prime Minister, Imran Khan, from whom she is now divorced.

Khan commented on the healthy and happy arranged marriages that she witnessed while living in Pakistan for ten years and cited arranged unions as often misunderstood in many cases.

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After Lorraine’s mention of the producer’s late friend Princess Diana, Jemima responded: “I mean [their marriage was] as close to arranged as you could get in that it was an appropriate match chosen by the parents and a sort of committee of family members.”

“The royal family used to pretty much always have arranged marriages,” she added. “And it’s still the majority in the world…”

Charles and Diana first met in November 1977 at a shooting weekend at her home of Althorp House, Northamptonshire.

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After Princess Diana had agreed to marry the now-king, the royal bride’s sex life became a hot topic of conversation and her being a virgin played a major part in the two getting married, according to Tina Brown, author of the Diana chronicles.

Ms Brown cited the archaic requirement of virginity as a key factor when determining the eligibility of a royal bride.

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