Prince Harry will not be “practically useful” on the day Meghan Markle runs.

When Prince Harry stops providing Meghan Markle with “feeding her narcissistic supply,” she reportedly plans to flee.

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The prospect that Meghan Markle may abandon Prince Harry “high and dry” once he “no longer feeds her narcissistic supply, or are of any practical value” has just been urgently warned.

Maureen Callahan, a royal novelist,, and biographer made this accusation in an article she wrote for the Daily Mail.

The author began by sternly warning Prince Harry and commenting on his “painful” response to Meghan’s remarks during the visit with Queen Elizabeth.

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She apparently intends to leave when Prince Harry stops “feeding her narcissistic supply” to Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle may leave Prince Harry “high and dry” if he “no longer fills her narcissistic supply, or are of any practical value,” a dire warning has just been issued.

This charge was made in an article written for the Daily Mail by royal novelist and biographer Maureen Callahan.

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Prince Harry’s “sad” response to Meghan’s comments during the visit with Queen Elizabeth was discussed in the author’s opening statement, which was followed by a severe warning.

She even went so far as to remark, “Until the lady he’s left everything and everyone for will undoubtedly train her venom, her victimhood, and her penchant for openly ripping down close family members squarely on him, he should consider this a preview of the rest of his life.

There is no question that it will occur or that Harry will merit it.

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The Meghan Markle we see here, and she genuinely thinks she’s presenting her best self to us, will leave anyone as soon as they cease to serve as a source of pleasure, narcissistic gratification, or usefulness.

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