Prince Harry, the spouse of Meghan Markle, “fears” that a royal insider would reveal him.

Prince Harry, the spouse of Meghan Markle, "fears" that a royal insider would reveal him.

Prince Harry is scared of the closest advisor to Queen Elizabeth.

According to a royal observer, Prince Harry worries that one of Queen Elizabeth II’s closest confidants would seek retribution against him and Meghan Markle.

Angela Kelly, the late Queen’s personal dresser, is the person Harry “now fears the most,” according to Neil Sean, who cited a “very good source.”

“The late Queen’s personal dresser, Angela Kelly, was one of her closest confidantes. Harry’s greatest worry right now, according to a very reliable source, is Angela.

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She had a three-book deal, and two of them have already been published “Express UK reports that Mr Sean gave an explanation.

“The Palace claims that Ms Kelly has travelled extensively while on vacation in the US.

However, rumours are circulating that she is starting to write her third book.

The fact that the late monarch spoke with Angela about numerous personal matters worries Prince Harry “He carried on.

Intense information about Meghan and Harry and their interactions with the late monarch could be revealed by Kelly, who worked as Queen Elizabeth’s personal assistant and senior dresser from 2002 until her death this year.

Mr Sean speculated that Harry may have been alluding to Ms Kelly when he publicly questioned if the Queen had “the right people around her.”

The royal analyst continued, “This might be Ms Kelly’s chance to share her own account of events and personal comments on Megxit, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, as well as Prince Andrew.

She was inconceivably close to the Queen. Harry ought to be quite wary of her.

According to reports, the late Queen personally approved Ms Kelly’s request to get a three-book deal for her memoirs about her time serving the royal family.

There are rumours that Kelly, who has one book left in a three-book agreement, may reveal some unrevealed information about Meghan and Harry.

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