Prince Harry shares ‘blinding pain’ after horrific accident

Prince Harry Army

Meghan Markle’s husband suffered injuries in a military accident.

Prince Harry has spoken fondly of his time in the army, but in his memoir, Spare, he revealed that he joined the military late due to a terrible accident just before he was to join.

In a blog post about a day he and Prince William spent training with the British Special Boat Service in 2005, Harry revealed horrifying details about an injury he sustained during an unofficial training day.

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“We scurried down a flight of metal stairs in one exercise. Someone must have turned off the lights to make it more interesting. I fell four steps from the bottom in the dead of night, landing on my left knee, which was immediately impaled on a fixed bolt sticking out of the floor “The Duke of Sussex wrote a letter.

“Pain washed over me, blinding me. I was able to get up, continue, and complete the drill. But when we jumped off the boat’s helipad into the water at the end of the exercise, I discovered my knee wasn’t working “Harry went on.

“My entire leg was paralyzed. Willy looked down and turned pale as I emerged from the water and removed my dry suit. My knee was dripping with blood. Within minutes, paramedics arrived. A few weeks later, the palace announced that my entry into the Army would be delayed. Indefinitely.”


Prince Harry was injured ahead of joining the army

While Harry was resting with his leg iced and elevated, the palace communications team informed the press that he had injured his knee playing rugby.

The Duke of Sussex shared the realities of his time in the army in both his memoir Spare, and during his interview with Anderson Cooper, explaining: “It got me out of the spotlight from the UK press. For the first time in my life, I was able to focus on something bigger than myself, to wear the same uniform as everyone else, and to feel normal.


Prince Harry during his time in the army

“[I completed] some of the most difficult challenges I’ve ever faced. I was an excellent candidate for the military. I was a young man in my twenties who was in shock “The 38-year-old went on.

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