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Prince Harry in “Retribution”: Refusing to Meet with King Charles

Prince Harry “decided.” Meghan Markle on her potential for “making up” with her father King Charles.

In an act of “misplaced” allegiance to Meghan Markle, Prince Harry is said to have chosen to “snub” King Charles.

In a recent article via the Mail Online, royal novelist Mathew Lodge provided insight into this assertion.

The story began with the supposition that “angry Prince Harry snubbed dinner with King Charles III and his brother the Prince of Wales at Balmoral after a row with his father when the new monarch forbade Meghan Markle from joining the grieving Royal Family on the day the Queen died,” according to sources.

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In order to say their final goodbyes to their cherished mother and grandmother on September 8, the Duke of Sussex reportedly wanted his wife to travel with him.

However, according to sources, the former Suits actress received a phone call from Britain’s new King telling him it was “not suitable” for her to be there.

It is alleged that during the ensuing argument, in which Harry struggled to convince his father to let Meghan travel with him, he missed the flight to Scotland that was scheduled to take William, his uncles Andrew and Edward, and with it, the opportunity to say goodbye.

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