According to Prince Harry, he requested that King Charles “not get married.”

Prince Harry recently discussed the marriage of his father, King Charles III, and Queen Consort Camilla.

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Recently, Prince Harry brought up the marriage of Queen Consort Camilla and his father, King Charles III.

In his talk with Tom Brady on Sunday, the Duke of Sussex acknowledged that he and his brother had initially requested their father not get married.

Prince Harry acknowledged that his father appeared to “be quite happy” with Camilla, though.
The ITV host questioned Harry on his opinion of his father’s marriage to Camilla.

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“100%? William and I wanted our father to be content, and with her, he appeared to be very, very content. We advised him against getting married.” And he said: “That was his decision to do what he did.

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However, the two of them were extremely content together.”

Because, Tom said, “I mean, not peace with their being happy, but plenty of people who might be in your situation, whose upbringing had played out in the manner you have, might not be pleased about it and you, I’m just saying, the message of the book appears to be that you are truly glad about it?”

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“Yeah,” Harry affirmed. How could you ever forgive your family for what they’ve done? I imagine a lot of people will ask themselves after viewing the video and reading the book. Because I want my father back, I asserted that forgiveness is definitely a possibility.

I wish my brother was here, he continued.

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