Prince Harry memoir may never be published

According to a royal expert and biographer, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, may never write his eagerly awaited autobiography.

This was asserted lately at the Henley Literary Festival by the royal biographer Tina Brown.

Tina added, “There is no way back” while discussing Prince Harry’s book, adding that if he does.

According to Brown, who was quoted by The Cheat Sheet, Prince Harry is quite likely to hold off on publishing his memoir because of concern that he won’t be allowed to rejoin the royal family after airing more dirty laundry.

They’ve spent all this money, and now Harry has a book contract where he’s meant to break the beans about his miserable existence as a royal, but he’s actually tormented by the idea because he knows there’s no turning back.

“If the book goes on, I don’t think there is any possibility for Harry to come back,” she concluded.

Biographer says Prince Harry is in a ‘bind’ with upcoming memoir

The Palace Papers author and royal biographer Tina Brown discussed Harry’s biography at the Henley Literary Festival, according to The Telegraph.


Prince Harry is very likely not going to write his memoir, says Brown, because of concern that if he airs any more dirty laundry, he won’t be allowed to rejoin the royal family.

“They’ve taken all this money and Harry has this book deal where he’s supposed to divulge everything about his horrific life as a prince, but now he’s truly tortured about it because he knows there’s no turning back if he does it,” she said.

Brown remarked, “I don’t think there is any possibility for Harry to come back if the novel goes on.” Therefore, I’ve always believed that the book won’t be published.

The window is closing, but I always believed that a solution would be reached at some point, requiring Charles to repay the advance in order to prevent Harry from publishing this book.

The royal family is “threatened” by Harry’s book

Katie Nicholl, a royal novelist, discussed the “danger” Harry’s book poses to the royal family with ET.

The upcoming memoirs by Prince Harry, which has, of course, generated a lot of disquiet in royal circles, is what she believes to be the greatest threat to and concern for the royals. Senior royal sources and palace staff are very concerned because, quite simply, they are unsure of what to anticipate.

There are numerous reports that Prince Harry is possibly making last-minute changes to the book, she continued. Perhaps some of the parts he wrote about are too sensitive now that the queen has passed away. The autobiography has been veiled in secrecy, and I believe the palace is getting ready for what’s to come by fastening their seatbelts.

Harry received a $35 million advance, therefore Nicholl doesn’t believe he can back out of releasing the book. She said, “I think that’s highly unusual that he would hand that back and say, ‘Actually, I’m not going to do this book after all. “When you receive that kind of an advance, Harry won’t be discussing his charitable endeavours. That will be the insider’s account of what it means to be born the spare.

A “wholly truthful” account was promised by Prince Harry

Prince Harry had made a statement outlining the goals of his memoir. He said, “I’m writing this as the man I have become, not as the prince I was born.” I’ve had a variety of hats over the years, both literally and figuratively, and I hope that by sharing my experience — the highs and lows, the blunders, and the lessons gained — I can demonstrate that, despite our differences, we share more things in common than we might imagine.

Harry continued, “I’m incredibly appreciative of the chance to share what I’ve discovered throughout the course of my life, and I’m eager for people to read a firsthand account of my life that is factual and entirely true.”

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