Prince Harry is costing British taxpayers and some Californians about $360,000 per year in security

Every time the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle set foot in the United Kingdom, taxpayers’ money, both in that part of the world and in other latitudes, alarms are raised due to the expenses that may be excessive or even unnecessary.

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After Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left Britain they renounced their security detail

This is due to the fact that Prince Harry initiated a judicial review before the Supreme Court 18 months ago after he was deprived of his right to have a security device when he retired from his royal duties in 2020 to move to the US alongside his wife Meghan

Despite his offering to pay for the protection, he was told back that UK police officers were not bodyguards for hire and following information from ‘The Sun’ newspaper, figures obtained through the Freedom of Information Act indicate that the whole legal process has already cost about $360,000.

The dispute between Prince Harry and the British royals also hits the pockets of British taxpayers living in California.

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British royals spend but taxpayers end up covering their outings

Whatever the British royals spend, it is their taxpayers who pay for it, whether in California or wherever they live on the planet, since it is they and their money that is directly linked to the revenue of the entire United Kingdom.

So far the bill for the case, which has been running since the fall of 2021, includes about$240,000 in legal department costs, somewhere around $111,00 in lawyers, and almost $800 in court fees.

At the time, former Scotland Yard commander John O’Connor criticized Harry’s request for continued armed protection as an act of “total vanity.”

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The Prince says his wife and two children feel unsafe in Britain, even though they continue to have armed guards on their visits for official functions and while at their home at Frogmore Cottage on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

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