Prince Harry “is not inclined to apply the same critical eye to his own decisions,” according to a report.

Prince Harry received criticism for breaking the rules he imposed on the Royal Family.

The accusation against Prince Harry is that he does not apply the same “critical eye” that he requires of the rest of the world.

Daniela Esler, a royal analyst and novelist, has made this assertion.

In a recent article for the New Zealand Herald, she clarified everything.

What she questioned was, “How much regard or thought, if any, did he provide for the numerous people whose lives might have been damaged by all of his truth-telling public forays? His grandfather, brother, sister-in-law, grandmother, and so on? Possibly even his nieces and nephews?
William struck him after a fight in 2019 over Meghan’s alleged abuse of the couple’s shared staff, and it is now, forevermore, public knowledge that she did so.

A day will come when Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis will be able to read about their father’s abusive behaviour and their mother’s alleged coldness towards Meghan.

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