Prince Harry and Meghan Markle “fuming in wrath” over UK treatment

According to reports, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are furious over the alleged treatment they endured while visiting the UK.

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Tom Bower, a royal biographer and authority, revealed this in an interview with GB News.

The first thing Bower said was, “I thought the whole manner the rest of the Royal Family treated Meghan and Harry today indicated that they had very little sympathy towards them,” she later added.

And when they weren’t treated with the respect they believed they deserved, Meghan and Harry became pretty upset in response.

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They will return to Montecito furious, and Prince Harry’s autobiography will soon be uncovered and published.

I wished I had heard Sophie Wessex’s conversation with Meghan Markle in the limo between Westminster Hall and the chapel.

“Sophie Wessex is a woman who speaks plainly. Did she express to Meghan how everyone felt about her? I think it’s ridiculous to say that William and Harry’s body language indicated reconciliation.

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When Harry and Meghan have spoken such horrible things about William and his wife, how on earth can there be reconciliation? There just isn’t any justification for pity absent an admission of guilt from the Sussexes.

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