Prince Harry and Andrew are unable to salute Queen Elizabeth II causing them to cry

Because they are not working royals, Prince Harry and Andrew were not permitted to salute Queen Elizabeth II during the funeral procession.

The fact that Andrew and Harry were unable to participate in yet another royal formality—they were not permitted to wear their military uniforms to the Queen’s official funeral—made them stand out during the procession.


When the oak-lined casket arrived at the medieval church, the couple appeared heartbroken, and hundreds of military personnel and members of the royal family saluted Her Majesty.

Because of their royal status, Andrew and Harry were unable to participate in the gesture and stood immobile with their hands by their sides.

According to reports, the Duke’s status as King Charles III’s authorized substitute might be terminated.

The Sunday Telegraph said that the newly crowned monarch intends to change the law that specifies who can serve as his deputy in the event of his incapacity.

Prince Harry, Prince Andrew, and his daughter Princess Beatrice would not be permitted to fill the position, as King Charles reportedly wants to ensure that only working members of the Royal Family are eligible.

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