Prince Andrew threatens to write tell all memoir about the Royal Family’s darkest secrets

If you thought Prince Harry memoir about the Royal Family’s normalized racism was damaging for them, hold on to your panties because Prince Andrew is next. According to Radar Online, the disgraced Royal Family member feels like he wants to get some revenge or at least vindication. They spoke to a source close to Prince Andrew and made some troubling revelations. According to this source, the Prince has been looking at his nephew’s memoir as it became a best seller all around the world. They allege that the prince has some of the Royal Family’s darkest secrets about his uncle’s ties with the Nazi party, his brother’s and his mother’s secrets.

Queen Elizabeth II’s four children stand vigil by her coffin in Westminster Hall

Here’s the bombshell from the source who spoke to Radar Online: “People thought Prince Harry’s memoir was bad. But what Andrew can reveal about certain members of his family would blow the lid off! Andrew has access to information that could prove embarrassing to Charles and, indeed, the whole family. He could uncover details about this father Prince Philip’s ties to Hitler’s Nazi regime, and he wouldn’t be unwilling to spill the darkest secrets held by his own mother, Queen Elizabeth! Andrew feels he’s suffered enough – and he’ll make others suffer if they don’t heed his warning. He’s hell-bent on saving his tattered reputation, and a tell-all book seems like the way to go. If and when it gets published, he’ll be taking down a lot of people – including the head of the British monarchy!”

What possible secrets coule Prince Andrew reveal from the king and late queen?

Here’s where we all get out tin foil hats on, especially when it comes to Queen Elizabeth II’s life. Many things have been said about her when she was alive, she was actively one of the most powerful humans on planet earth. Some of these theories are deeply dark and others are extremely funny to talk about. But King Charles III’s potential dark secrets could be far more damaging for the Royal Family and would put an end to their relationship. Feel free to talk about any of these crazy theories or come up with the pitch for Prince Andrew’s book idea.

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