Prince Andrew taking notes from Meghan and Harry: He plans new career without titles

After being estranged from the Royal Family for completely different reasons than Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Prince Andrew needs to plan his future in order to survive. His nephew was very fortunate to have married a former actress, who has the connections to build her career back up and jump-start Prince Harry’s career. They managed to do pretty well so far through all their connections with other celebrities who have helped them build a great life in California. Prince Andrew has reportedly followed everything Meghan and Harry have been doing in the United States of America.

A source close to Prince Andrew spoke to the folks at The Sun and offered some details about a possible career he is plotting in the same country. The Duke of York is currently looking at the options he has after being stripped off his titles within the Royal Family. His brother, King Charles III completely disapproves of the behavior he’s presented that caused a major scandal. Prince Andrew is the most high-profile person tied to Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking crimes. He obviously denies any involvement but the Monarchy’s honor was stained in the king’s eyes.

Withut his titles, being completely cut off from the family could be next and Prince Andrew could follow Prince Harry’s example. Andrew seems impressed of the way Harry and Meghan have managed to build everything they have in California. The course revealed Prince Andrew looks to emulate that but he is still analyzing the way he wants to go about it. Considering the reason he was ostracized by his family, he will likely have a much harder time building a career away from the monarchy.

Prince Andrew’s accusations could present a problem

It is well-known that the Hollywood elite are very progressive and completely against what Jeffrey Epstein stood for. Although there are rumors many of those elites were also linked to the sex trafficker, they might not want to spend time with someone who was actually ousted from that scandal. That’s one reason he might have a harder time to land a Netflix deal or a book deal. Also, the ones who weren’t part of the Epstein alleged list are going to struggle being linked to Prince Andrew because they don’t want to support him in any way.

However, Prince Andrew could take different approaches and still come to America to make a living. He could start selling interviews to try and tell his story to news organizations or he could also seek interviews with prominent Youtube channels who agree to grant him a chance to speak. Prince Andrew hasn’t directly approached Meghan and Harry for a good reason, so he is watching from a distance.

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