Police rule out the idea that Julia Faustyna is Madeleine McCann


Julia Faustyna’s name has risen to fame in recent days after the young woman claimed she could be the missing Madeleine McCann, although she said she would have to take DNA tests to confirm this.

She did not give absolute assurances that this was her identity, but that she had serious suspicions, although many dismissed the possibility from the outset.

And, the latest reports indicate the Polish police have also “ruled out” this possibility.

Police say Julia Faustyna isn’t Madeleine McCann

This was reported by Pawel Noga, spokesman for the main police in Wroclaw, the city where Julia lives.

“The investigation of the police officers of the Provincial Police Headquarters at this stage contradicts the version presented by this woman”, the spokesman told the aforementioned media, as reported by Fox News.

These recent statements by the Polish authorities are in line with the London police enquiries, as they did not give much credibility to the matter either.

What is more, after a number of studies involving ageing techniques were carried out to make a series of possible portraits of what Madeleine might look like, they did not match in any way.

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