Police arrested man in Karachi for harassing Turkish vlogger

Karachi: Police arrested a man in Karachi for harassing a Turkish vlogger. Seda Nur, a Turkish female vlogger, revealed in a recent video that she experienced harassment in Karachi. She stated in her video and included clips from the incident in which a man in a blue shirt stalked her. The man was often walking behind her.

According to Seda Nur, the man was following her and even touched her when he had the opportunity. The footage was also uploaded to YouTube by Seda Nur.

“As you can see, this strange dude in blue started following me and every time I stopped, he was passing me and waiting for me to pass him again so he could follow me again,” the vlogger explained.

Furthermore, she said that someone touched her back while she was using her phone.

“I just turned around and was about to strike someone when I noticed a tiny boy.” “He was just about 12 years old, so I assumed he accidentally touched me,” she explained. She went on to say that she didn’t react because of his age.

The  little boy and the man in the blue shirt reappeared, and she yelled at them, causing them to wander away.

Karachi police took action after the vlogger’s footage became viral on the internet. The cops searched the area and obtained confirmation from nearby merchants about the event. The harasser, identified as Shoaib, has been apprehended by Karachi police.

According to a police video, “I had no idea the lady would consider me a harasser,” Shoaib stated. Shoaib then apologized to the vlogger.


However, the SSP stated that Shoaib would be brought before a court on Saturday.

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