Police arrest wife of Shahbaz Gill’s driver

(Infosette News) On Thursday, Islamabad police detained the driver of Shahbaz Gill’s wife after conducting a home invasion to seize Gill’s cellphone for use in the investigation of the sedition case being brought against him.

According to the Islamabad Police arrest wife of Shahbaz Gill’swhen they raided Gill’s assistant Izhar’s home he had fled, however, they took his wife and a relative into custody.

Shahbaz Gill told police that he gave his phone to the driver during his Tuesday arrest, therefore the police launched the raid to collect the driver’s phone, they said. Law enforcement officers were attacked and had their uniforms torn by Izhar’s wife and brother-in-law.

A case has been filed against the two at the Aabpara Police Station on charges of obstructing official business.

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The news broke the day after senior PTI leader Shahbaz Gill was placed under a two-day physical detention order by police in connection with a sedition case against him. The PTI leader’s physical remand was authorized by an Islamabad court.

The magistrate court announced the reserved judgment and directed the Islamabad Kohsar police to call Gill back before the court on Friday.

According to the written ruling issued by the court, the physical remand was necessary, the on-duty magistrate stated, based on the information supplied and in light of the accusations levelled against Shahbaz Gill.

The magistrate added that a forensic examination to verify Gill’s voice recording was also required. He gave the police two days to finish their investigation before contacting the court.

Imran Khan, the chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, vehemently denounced the raid on Izhar’s home and called the detention of his wife “fascist illegal abductions.”

I want to know if there are any fundamental rights left in our legal community.

But the only thing they are able to accomplish is to further destabilize the nation. Elections that are free and fair are the only answer, according to Imran Khan.

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