PIA Ticket price and other private airlines domestic fares increased before Christmas weekend

In advance of the Christmas and New Year vacations, PIA ticket price and other domestic private airlines have raised their domestic fares.

Details indicate that Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and other private airlines raised their domestic and international fares in response to the surge in domestic travel in advance of Christmas and New Year’s vacations.

The one-way cost for a PIA flight from Karachi to Islamabad has jumped to Rs36,000; the two-way cost is now Rs70,000.

After the Christmas and winter holidays, sources informed ARY News, prices are likely to drop dramatically.

A prohibition on bringing “chalia and supari” on flights to Turkiye was implemented earlier in December by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), along with instructions to all flight attendants.

An announcement addressing the prohibition on the carriage of chalia (areca nuts) on Turkiye flights was made by the PIA’s General Manager of Flight Services, Aamir Bashir.

Chalia and supari are considered to be illegal drugs in Turkiye, which has strong restrictions in place.

According to the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority’s (PCAA) guidance, it is forbidden to transport and eat areca nuts (chalia and supari) in Turkey. It is considered to be a narcotic under Turkish law.

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